Why Starship Dragon?

Hello, Reader!

Yes, I’m talking to you.

I wanted to make this blog for the longest time so that you could see what I’m up to these days.  Creating is a rather funny profession, you see.  I almost never create something just for myself–I create for the enjoyment of others, for your enjoyment, Reader.  And yet, I find I almost never create with others.  Though I love to see you smile at my pictures, laugh at my jokes, or devour my prose, I rarely do because I’m always sitting alone at my computer creating, and you’re not there with me.


So, I finally created this blog.  I made it so you could read it, hear about my latest projects, and see for yourself whether or not they’re something you think you’d enjoy.  You can even respond!  You can comment on a post and say whether you think I’m on track or not.  You can ask me for more of something you enjoyed.  You can give constructive criticism so that I can do it better next time.  You can share your ideas (I promise not to steal them) and your creations–I’d love to see them.

I created this blog so you could create with me, Reader.

As for the name…well, it sounds cool, what can I say?  Most of the things I like to create fall into two categories: science fiction (Starships) and fantasy (dragons).  Thus, the blog that covers both of them: Starship Dragon.

Besides, wouldn’t it be cool if a spaceship could breathe fire? 🙂


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