Star Trek Online Screenshots

To go with my new Star Trek Online fan fiction, I have some screen shots from the game!USS Nautilus, fore

This is the USS Nautilus, viewed from off the starboard bow.  As you can see, it’s mostly a saucer with a roll bar, with nacelles attached to the underside.

From behind…Notice the structure on the rollbar.  That’s what I called the flight pod.

From the side.  This angle really let’s you see the “flight pod” as I dubbed it.  It’s the bulge at the top of the rollbar.


This is the Bridge model I used in my head, from Ex Astris Scientia’s site.  It’s very close to the cannon set used for the newer Miranda-class ships.  The game’s bridges default to non-canon.

And this is Lieutenant Carlin Drel! 🙂

Ensign Shonos.

Four of Five…

…and Tanya.

I don’t have any pictures for Lieutenant T’Paie, Cheif Mercy, Captain Sokar, or any others unfortunately, since most of these exist solely in my head…and now in yours two, Reader, with any luck!


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