Let the Hunt Begin!

Guess who graduates in a few weeks?  Guess who is still looking for a job?  Guess who won’t, consequently, be writing more Star Trek Online fan-fiction or posting regularly on Dragon Hunt (which needs a site update ASAP that will connect it with this blog…), at least until he finds a job?

If you answered any of the above questions, Reader, with my name, then you are correct!  Never fear, though: I will keep my creative juices flowing.  I’ve been dividing my free time recently between three activities: playing League of Legends, reading David Weber’s On Basilisk Station (I’m reading the hard copy, but it looks like I just found an online version…), and designing my own sci-fi warship (Astrea Alexandra) and universe to go with it.  The first two you won’t hear much about on this blog.  I might mention that I did discover that–with a fully charged Bloodthirster, a page of Fervor Ruins, an Infinity Edge, and a pair of Phantom Dancers–Caitlyn becomes an amazingly unfair champion to play, doing 1,000+ damage per second to enemies that have probably no more than 8,000 health, max.  I feel like there should be some kind of a law explicitly preventing me from using that build, but since there isn’t, I will enjoy Caitlyn, the machine-gun of death.  However, most of you will not know what that means (you poor, poor people).  I might also regale you with Honor Harrington’s exploits and snarky come-backs (especially after “accidentally” damaging a Haven diplomatic ship–completely on purpose, of course), but I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprises.  What you will hear the most about, though, is the sci-fi universe I’m developing.

More information will follow as the concept becomes more fleshed out.  I’ve been working on the concept for a couple years, with a couple false starts.  It owes a lot to Andromeda Ascendant, the ship and not the TV show (the TV show quickly descended into a twitching pile of madness and poor writing, but the ship was amazing).  In the universe of my ship, Astrea Alexandra, heavily armored and shielded warships with light-speed sensors fight by exchanging volleys of antimatter warheads across 60 light-seconds (18,000,000 km).  And of course, the ship is alive and has an avatar like Rommie, except that her avatar is a cybernetically enhanced human clone rather than an android…yeah, I’ll just have to explain it all later.

In the meantime, please forgive my lack of updates and wish me luck in my job hunt!


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