Changes to “Dragon Hunt”

If you haven’t read my web comic Dragon Hunt by now, you should.  Seriously.  As the creator, I personally think it’s hilarious and my friends assure me that it’s true.  In brief, its the story of a stereotypical fairy tale situation gone awry.  A dragon kidnaps the queen, the king summons the knights of the realm, and promises the hand of the princess in marriage to the one who can kill the dragon and bring back its head.  But when Princess Lia finds out about her father’s little arrangement, she’s none to thrilled.  To thwart the arranged marriage, Lia and a hornless unicorn nicknamed “Bill” set out to slay the dragon first.  Their departure sets up a mad scramble as the local mysterious peasant and his teenage daughter remember that they’ve been paid a handsome sum by the ruler of a rival kingdom to keep Lia around King Charles on her 21st birthday (for purposes not yet revealed).  The teenage girl, Julie, has already blown the money on clothes, so while she tries to track the Princess down, her father alerts King Charles that the Princess is missing so he can send out a search party of his own.  The only one available for such a party turns out to be a narcissistic monster-hunting ranger who accepts the assignment because, well, it’s the off-season.

Some memorable moments include:

  1. Queen Gertrude’s horrible opera concert is cut short when she is scooped up by a dragon and flown away into the sunset.  Everyone cheers.
  2. Princess Lia finds out about the arranged marriage from a bunch of knights hitting on her as they head out to slay the dragon.  Cue the furious exclamation.
  3. As a baby, Lia is found on the castle steps with a threatening note.
  4. King Charles explains how naps are a royal prerogative and rationality isn’t.
  5. A unicorn attacks.
  6. A unicorn wears a skirt…more or less.
  7. Lia and Bill learn the hard way why you shouldn’t play with swords indoors (this is how Bill becomes a hornless unicorn).
  8. A man is hug-tackled by a ninja.

There will be more to come, I promise.  On a totally unrelated note, I just realized my comic does not yet pass the “Bechdel Test”.  While I have three named female characters (and more to come), they have yet to talk with each other, or even meet for that matter.  The next chapter includes at least two plot-relevant conversations though, and by the end of the fourth chapter I plan to have a whole gaggle of female characters yammering at each other–if they can avoid killing each other first, that is.

Anyway, there are some improvements coming to Dragon Hunt.  Previously, I’ve updated on Saturdays, but this has always meant I had to have my comic uploaded by Friday at midnight…and with all the things that go on in a week there was just too much opportunity for delay.  Now, I’ve changed the update schedule to Monday, and this week I had my comic uploaded three days early.  I’ve also connected the webcomic’s site to this blog, so that comic readers can drop by here to see what I’m up to and comment if they wish.


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