Dragon Hunt’s Chapter 3 Content Warning

This post is a follow up for anyone curious about the warning I posted at the beginning of my third chapter on Dragon Hunt.  I’ll present it as a question-answer format.  If you have additional questions, I’ll be happy to answer them as well.  Just post them as comments.

Q: So, what’s this warning about?

A: It’s a content warning.  It’s there to warn the reader that Chapter 3 of Dragon Hunt contains use of alcohol.  One of the settings is a tavern called “The Tipsy Pixie” and one of the new characters introduced in this chapter has an obvious drinking problem which results in a massive bar tab for this character and eventually causes the character to pass out at an inopportune time.

Q: Why do we need a warning?  I mean, it’s fantasy and taverns are a fact of life.  Besides, look at all the other stuff out there on Comic Genesis?

A: If you’re asking this question, then obviously the warning is not intended for you.  You probably don’t care one way or another about the use of alcohol in fantasies, you accept it as a part of the setting, and that’s fine.  It is a realistic part of a medieval fantasy world (in the Middle Ages, the tavern was an important community center and alcoholic beverages were some of the few safe drinks because they couldn’t spread water-borne diseases).  However, I made a commitment to keep my comic “family friendly” and some people may consider the inclusion of alcohol a violation of that promise.  I do not intend it that way, but it’s my duty to warn such readers about potentially offensive material.  As for what goes on around Comic Genesis, that’s not my concern.  If I were to borrow my standards from my neighbors, I’m sad to say my comic would descend into the gutter.  No, I mean to set and follow a higher standard with Dragon Hunt.

Q: Are you promoting drinking?

A: No, not at all.  I myself have never used alcohol (though I am over the legal drinking age), and I do not plan to.  While I personally believe, as a Christian, that alcohol is may be consumed in a responsible and right manner, I also know that this type of consumption is not common in our culture today.  Most commonly today, alcohol is consumed for drunkenness, which I believe is something the Bible condemns.  I do not want to put myself in a place where I might sin nor do I want to run the risk of setting a bad example, so I personally refrain from alcohol.  This, of course, raises the question of the use of alcohol in my comic.  In Chapter Three, a character gets very drunk, causing a number of problems for the main cast (which, like all things in the comic, are played for laughs).  Do I mean to portray this action as right?  Certainly not, no more than I mean to portray King Charles appalling apathy as a leader and father as good or right.  Do I mean to portray it as harmless and funny (because it is played for laughs)?  No, again.  I play pretty much everything in the comic for laughs, but in doing so, I don’t mean to rob it of all seriousness.  In all seriousness, King Charles is a horrible ruler and a worse father, and in all seriousness the character who gets drunk is wrong and irresponsible to do so.  However, the main goal of the comic is not to moralize but to entertain.

Q: Couldn’t you write this chapter some other way?

A: Possibly.  However, I believe that the way it is written is the best way.  If you have some alternative suggestions, please submit them and I’ll consider them.

Q: I like your comic, but I just can’t stand the use of alcohol.  Will I have to stop reading now?

A: No, not at all!  I appreciate your loyal readership and, if you find yourself asking this question, seriously, contact me via email at aaduwall@rams.colostate.edu, and let me know.  I will try to find an alternate way to present the chapter, if that’s the case.  However, if that’s not possible rest assured that the references to alcohol are fleeting.  They’re slotted to appear on pages 4, 5, 10, and 11.  Without these pages, things might seem to jump around a bit, but you should have no trouble continuing to follow the comic.  The fourth chapter will not contain any alcohol use.

Q: When are they going to catch that dragon?

A: Wouldn’t you like to know!  They’re getting closer, but there are many crazy antics to go before they even meet the dragon again.  Hopefully, you will enjoy them as much as I do.


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