New Projects!

If you’re wondering about Dragon Hunt, unfortunately there is still going to be a delay.  I need a street crowd for this next page and I’m going to have to make them the hard way instead of just using flats (turns out it’s the flats that made the program crash this time.  Lovely).

Meanwhile, I have some exciting new things I’m working on!  Be distracted and amazed!

First, there’s my book, The Sword of the Princess.  It’s the story of a spirited princess whose kingdom is suddenly taken over by an evil empire.  She escapes with a band of knights and must somehow find a way to free king and kingdom.  The story has been on hiatus for a while now, but I am now ready to return for a final push to the end.  I am looking for beta readers for this, so if you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Second, I have entered the world of fan-fiction officially.  I have a profile on fan where I’m called “Space Viking.”  I also have a fan fiction of the MMORTS game Astro Empires to put up there…once they have a category for it.  It will be exciting if they ever get around to answering my request to make one.

Third, I am learning Javascript and have figured out how to make a sort of adventure game out of it.  The game allows you to make binary choices throughout (left/right, attack/run, accept/reject, etc), but also includes a random factor to determine the results.  I’ll need some graphics, but I’m going to try and put together an adventure game and post it somewhere.  Maybe on Deviant Art.  We’ll see what works.

Fourth, and least practicably, I have an idea knocking around in the back of my brain about a series of stories involving Saint Barbara’s Catholic School for Girls.  Outwardly, it would be a typical catholic school, if being somewhat remote and having rather gothic architecture.  A tomboyish girl raised by her dad at their mountain cabin would be taken there after her father died, and she’d hate it at first.  Then, she’d be maneuvered into joining something called the Safety Committee.  As it turns out, the Safety Committee is not about making sure the building had enough emergency exits in case of a fire.  The Safety Committee at Saint Barbara’s is about protecting the school and surrounding area from monster attacks, and is made up of a collection of the school’s most dangerous gun-toting girls.  The whole thing, I think, really exists as an excuse to see a girl in a catholic school uniform blast some bug-eyed monster with a machine gun.  I’m not sure what the best medium for this sort of story would be.  Obviously, it would have to be episodic.  A visual medium (like a comic) would be a plus, but it would also obviously take time to put together…  Thoughts?


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