Fan Fiction Account is Live

The third thing I’ve been up to is playing video games and writing fan fiction.

I bought the new Tomb Raider and liked it a lot.  The game is a relaunch of the franchise’s continuity apparently, and I appreciate Lara Croft’s new background.  In the first Tomb Raider movie, she came off (to me) as a spoiled rich woman who became an awesome adventure archaeologist simply because she could.  But in the relaunch of the game you don’t even realize that she’s wealthy at all and her becoming an adventure archaeologist is a matter of survival for herself and her friends rather than a decision made out of boredom and being naturally awesome at everything.  The result, I think, is a much more believable and relatable character.  It also doesn’t hurt that Lara’s bust size has decreased to more believable bounds.

My complaints are few and forgivable.  The rope arrows are clearly magical as they tie knots and return to your hand (you can fire them without using ammunition).  There is a bit of unrealistic first aid in that Lara is impaled in the abdomen by rusty rebar in one of the game’s opening scenes, pulls it out, and doesn’t try to bandage the wound until halfway through the game–but nevertheless is able to jump, climb, wade through nasty water, and fight off hoards of mooks without bleeding out or getting an infection (though, to the designer’s credit, this wound and others do continue to visibly bother her throughout the game).  I was also secretly hoping that Lara’s friend, Sam, would turn out to be more of an action girl herself, but instead she get’s stuck with the distress ball, spending the overwhelming majority of the game as a hostage in need of rescue.  All of these are forgivable, though, for the sake of the awesome story and gameplay.  The only thing that really upset me was the quick-time events in the middle of fights.  If you don’t hit the button at exactly the right time, you lose–and I got killed so many times by this one wolf this way: more deaths from that than from any other cause.

I’ve also been getting back into Star Trek Online, now that their relaunch of the Klingon faction and new Romulan faction are live.  I’ve been writing more fan fiction from that game, too.  My latest story stars Carlin, from the former Vega Colony Attack stories posted here.  The story is titled “The Best Revenge” and can be found on, which is a much better place for it, honestly.  It deals with Carlin before she was joined to the Drel symbiont, dealing with her father’s abandonment and facing off against Species 8472 for the first time.  More stories will follow, including a relaunch of the Vega Colony Attack story.  Planned stories include a Star-Trekked version of the Tomb Raider game (whose basic concept is actually very similar to several plots used by the Original Series of Star Trek) wherein Sam is an action girl, a story introducing a Klingon-faction character (a human-Orion hybrid with angst from never fitting in), and one introducing a Romulan-faction character (a Romulan-Vulcan hybrid ex-Tal Shiar agent forced to survive on a derelict ship for years after the supernova that destroys the Romulan homeworld).

“The Secret Letters” will probably also move to, as there is a category for Secret World fan fiction.  Visit my page there if you want to see my latest fan fiction work.  I hope you like it and I’m excited to be using fan fiction as a way to introduce myself to the world of online publishing (in a way) and get to know some of the concepts and techniques before launching myself into self-publishing with my completed book.


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