Star Trek Online Origin-Story Fanfictions and Coming Attractions

I’ve completed two Star Trek Online stories and posted them to  Both of them serve as “origins stories” for my main Federation faction characters.

“The Best Revenge” introduces Carlin back before she became Carlin Drel (before she was joined).  As an Ensign fresh out of Starfleet Academy, Carlin seeks to prove herself worthy of the father who abandoned her and to humiliate him. But when a rescue mission goes horribly wrong, she is must face one of the most dangerous aliens in Starfleet history and decide whether or not her quest for revenge is worth it.

The story introduces several characters from or referenced in the story posted here, including Commander Antori Drel, Captain Sokar, Doctor Howard, and the USS Nautilus herself.  It also features Ferengi and Species 8472…I’ll leave you to decide for yourself which of them is the “most dangerous alien in Starfleet history!”  It’s set in May of 2405, four years before the events of the game.


“Airborne” introduces Carlin’s trouble-making friend, Sam Hayashi.  As a young Ensign aboard the USS Endurance, Sam’s mischievous ways threaten to end her career. But when an Orion agent exposes her and her shipmates to a dangerous virus that removes inhibitions, it’s up to Sam to contain the disease and bring them home alive.  It’s set in November of 2405.  You can tell because of the Stardates used in both stories, and this handy stardate calculator that was used to produce them.

Harking back to the Original Series and The Next Generation, this is the cumpulsory first-season “The Naked *something*” episode (one of the earliest episodes of both series was one involving the same inhibition-removing virus, the episodes were called “The Naked Time” and the “The Naked Now” respectively–and, as is the case with this story, no one was actually shown naked).  I suppose the writing reason for placing such a story so close to the beginning of a series is to introduce the character as you would normally only get to know them after quite some time, as they let their walls down (by, in essence, forcing their walls down faster), but this story really came to me as an Aesop responding to the modern notion that if one has a desire, one must (or should) act on it.  Honestly, once writing took over, I’m not sure the theme got through, but that was how it got started anyway.

The only recurring character I plan to take from this story is Sam herself.  Her character is an idea that occurred to me well after the writing of the original Vega Colony story.  She was actually first conceived as a supporting character for the upcoming Star Trek take on the 2013 Tomb Raider game.  In case you can’t figure it out, she’s Sam Nishimura, Lara Croft’s friend and the game’s official keeper of the distress ball.  That being said, she is not simply Sam Nishimura in the 25th century.  Since my plan was to make Sam more of an action girl in my Star-Trek-remake, Sam Hayashi appropriately has the talents and skills necessary to back up her daredevil attitude.  She shoots someone in this story (I won’t say who).  She is also an improbably good pilot who has only crashed one shuttle in her life, and that was on purpose (and if you read “Airborne,” you get to see her do it!)–which, considering how many Star Trek episodes revolve around shuttle crashes, that’s pretty amazing all by itself!  She owes part of these piloting skills to the other character who proceeded her, an Ensign Satori Hayashi who loved “ancient” (read, 21st century) Japanese culture and was exceptionally good with shuttles.

As for the remake, it’s currently in progress. I’m writing the second chapter as we speak, but it looks like it’ll shape up to be a pretty long story, so don’t hold your breath for it to come out.  It will be unveiled on eventually, but you’ll probably suffocate first!

Speaking of stories on, there’s also another author in the Star Trek Online section who writes a “Star Trek Justice” series.  He writes stories set in 2412, after most of the events of the game, while I write them set in or before 2409.  We’ve officially decided to start writing in a shared universe, allowing our us to reference each others characters from time to time or even do collaborative stories.  The first such crossover occurred in the latest chapter of his story “Justice: Vengeance,” where a “Captain Drel” of the “USS Wayfarer” is mentioned–as by 2412 this will be Carlin’s rank, name, and command.  Further crossovers should be forthcoming, even involving my non-Federation characters, which I haven’t written anything for yet except backstory.  Currently, we plan on making the rewrite of the Vega Colony story a collaborative story, since, in the game, there is a point where experienced players can go back in time to witness further events during the tutorial missions at Vega (the final chapter of the original story hinted at the time-travel).

While I’m very excited for all of this fan fiction stuff, I’m not losing sight of my existing projects.  The Sword of the Princess beta is still coming along.  The chapters should be finished soon, and I may be able to add in my maps.  Currently, I can only make a general map of Balanne (the kingdom the story is set in) available to readers, but I have hand-drawn maps for many of the towns, including Bath, Glen, Cleft, Armat, and Malca.  If I can get to a scanner in the next few weeks, I can probably make those available to readers as well, which will hopefully help…I mean, I like maps!


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