The Sword of the Princess: Open Beta Version Available!

While it took much longer than I anticipated, I have finally completed the Open Beta Version of The Sword of the Princess!

About the Book: The Sword of the Princess is the story of Nicole, princess of the kingdom of Balanne, who escapes the sudden takeover of the kingdom by the evil Empire of Ileva and must work with a small band of knights to unite the kingdom and lead a revolution–all while avoiding capture or death at the hands of the Imperial occupiers. Along the way, she is helped by a large cast of characters, including her best friend and handmaiden, a lanky young squire,  a court jester, and even a figure straight out of Balanne’s legends. This book is the first in a planned epic fantasy series (of which I have the next three books drafted and awaiting rewrites), but is itself light on the fantasy side of things.  The book is 293,982 words and 540 pages, which I think is moderate for its genre. The book is divided into 73 chapters with an average length of 7.5 pages or 4,000 words. The book is targeted for a Christian adult or young adult audience, as there are strong Christian themes throughout.

About Open Beta: “Open Beta” is a concept borrowed from the programming world, where an unfinished product is released to the general public for final testing and revision. This is something similar. Think of it as a peer review that anyone can participate in. The benefits for me are twofold. First, I get reader feedback before I commit my story to print. Second, I get a lot of really good editing tips. Already my “Closed Beta” release to a few close friends has been immensely helpful with everything from correcting typos to restructuring the plot.

What Open Beta Means for You:  Of course, Open Beta benefits you as well. As a reader, you get a sneak peek at an upcoming book. You also get to have a roll in shaping it. Finally, as I promised in a previous post, anyone participating in Open Beta will receive a free copy of the final version of the book when it’s released.

So, if you’re interested, sign up by sending me a message below! Just make sure to tell me you want to be a part of Open Beta in the comments and include a valid email address so I can send you the book (I will never share your information). I’ll get it to you ASAP!


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