A Lesson in Ilevan Religion

The following overview of the Ilevan religion has been prepared as a part of my preparation for the revision of The Sword of the Lady.  Enjoy!

Alright, listen op ye barbarians!  I am Alemarobe, priest to zee god-emperor Arzemheba, and I am here to teach ye abo’t civilized religion.

Zee first t’in’ ye probably notice is dat Ilevan religion has lots of gods.  Den ye probably ask stopid question like, “Vhy do Ilevans need lots of gods?  Ve only have von’ god.  How do dey even keep track of dem all?”  Zee answer is dat ve is civilized, and not barbarian idiots vho interrupt important religious lessons!  Also, not all zee gods are zee same.  Dere are some dat are more important den ot’ers, and all of dem have certain roles and positions in pant’eon: just like some people are more important den ot’ers and have different roles in society (zee owner of dis blog-t’in’ has just told mee dat ye actually have dis veird concept of equality among people, as if ye ver all zee same…ye are very strange!).

For example, zee god I serve, zee Emperor Arzemheba, is zee most important god.  Ye t’ink I am jost exaggeratin’ beca’se I am priest to him, bot dat is not troe!  Arzemheba really is zee most important because he is zee ruler of zee gods.  He is zee god of order, law, and visdom.  He can see everyt’ing at vonce—and he is zee actual Emperor of Ileva, so he is very important!  He is ruler over zee Empire here, and over zee gods in deir vorld, vhich is not a physical vorld like dis von’ bot is like anot’er dimension or somet’ing…it is complicated!  I cannot expect ye to understand, simple barbarians, since yer brain can barely handle von’ dead god as it is!

Dere are two ot’er really important gods, besides Arzemheba.  Dere is Inesvi, zee goddess of var, virgins, and revenge.  She is zee vife of Arzemheba.  Ye probably ask, “Vait, vasn’t her name Enusvi?  And how can she be zee goddess of virgins is she is married?”  Zee answer to last question is dat ye do not vant to mess vit’ her: she bites down vhere it horts a lot.  It is safe for Arzemheba because he has zee iron phallos—bot ye do not, so don’t try it!  Zee answer to second question is dat ye are stopid barbarians.  Inesvi has alvays been spelled dat vay, and especially has never been spelled vith silly letter “u” dat makes ye sound like a cow vhen ye say it.  Zhoron lang’age does not even have dat stopid letter (zee owner of dis blog-t’in’ says dat he spelled it dat vay in his bo’k as some kind of pig-Latin version of Venus, and dat he even wrote Zhoron as Suron, but obvio’sly he vas vrong: it is beca’se he is barbarian as vell!).

Anyvay, vhere vas I?  Oh, yes!  Zee t’ird really important god is Irlomi, zee goddess of zee moon, rivers, vives, and mot’ers.  She is zee von’ vho vaters all our lands, or floods dem if she gets upset.  Ye may say, “Dat is jost zee irrigation systems and zee rivers,” bot vhat do ye know, ye stopid barbarians?  Irlomi is areal and genero’s goddess and sister to Inesvi.  She, Inesvi, and Arzemheba make up zee Triad: zee t’ree highest gods in zee vorld.

“Vhat about ot’er gods?” ye ask.  Finally, an intelligent question!  Zee ot’er gods each have deir roles, but dey are not as important.  Dere are ten ot’er major gods besides zee Triad.  Dere is Lan, zee god of zee forests and of hunts.  Den Hati, zee goddess of zee seas and fishing.  Den dere is Shangre, zee god of travelers and roads.  Den dere is Lebeni, zee goddess of zee hearth and home…she is not very important unless ye are a voman, but she is also goddess of zee sun, so she is important in a vay.  Dere is also zee god Gonja, zee god of zee forge and craftsmen.  Den dere is Ngeta, zee god of fertility, and Mejni, zee goddess of passion and art.  Den ve have zee god Shocha, vho is zee god of harvest and rice, and zee goddess Teji, vho is zee goddess of vine and grapes (zee owner of dis blog vould like me to say dat Teji has an important feast in zee spring vhich is an important part of his bo’k but she vas called Thenaai, but Thenaai is not even a close to a vord in Zhoron, so is stopid bo’k—vho cares?).

If ye’ve been countin’, barbarians, and if ye can count, ye notice dat ve is missing von’ god.  Dat is zee god Mochazh—bot do not say dat name o’t lo’d!  It is very bad lock!  Instead ve vill call him by anot’er name, Az-Anlajodma.  He is zee god of zee undervorld, darkness, misery, and suffering.  “Vhy do ve have such a terrible god?” ye ask.  Now ye is back to zee stopid questions.  Vhy do ye have devil?  Is zee same t’ing.  Az-Anlajodma is zee bad god, bot if ye give him sacrifices and pray nicely maybe he leave ye alone.  Better to pray to Arzemheba, dough, since he beat Az-Anlajodma and killed him…maybe (he is a trickster god, alright?  It is hard to tell!).

At dis point maybe ye are t’inkin’ dat is all zee gods, but dat is very stopid.  Of course dere are lots more gods.  Dere are gods for families, regions, phenomenon, and even priests.  Technically I am a god—how else vo’ld I know all dis about zee ot’er vorld?  Bot dey is not as important.  Ye can vorship von’ or two if ye have good reason, like if dey are yer family’s god, but mostly ye jost need zee 13 gods of zee pat’eon.

“And how do ye vorship?”  Dat is stopid question.  If ye need somet’in’, ye pray to zee right gods to give it to ye.  If ye need a go’d harvest, ye pray to Shocha, and also Irlomi and maybe Lebeni.  Is best if ye pray to an image of zee gods or at a shrine, and is even better if ye give a sacrifice.  Ye probably t’ink dat “sacrifice” means dead, burnt animals, but vhy do ye t’ink gods vo’ld vant dat?  Nobody vants dat!  Leave zee gods somet’in’ nice at zee altar, like food or drink, or clothes or jewelry, den dey vill do somet’ing nice for ye.  Dat is how it vorks!  Ye only need a blo’d sacrifice if ye have done somet’ing to opset von’ of zee gods, or if ye are trying to get Inesvi’s attention.  Inesvi only accepts blo’d sacrifices, because dat is how she is.  She vill also take homan sacrifices, mostly on zee battlefield, bot sometimes ye can sacrifice somebody to her beforehand so she von’t kill so many people in zee fighting.  Some people say all zee gods accept homan sacrifices, bot dey are wrong.  It is jost all priesthood initiations require dying to zee old self, and sometimes zee initiate is not vorthy and so it becomes just dying, period—bot dat is not zee same t’ing!  Ve also tell lots of stories abo’t zee gods.  Dey are go’d stories, too, better den yer stopid stories abo’t yer boring dead god, anyvay.  And dere are lots more of dem, beca’se ve have lots more gods and dey are moch more interesting and do many more t’ings den yer dead god.

So, as ye can see, it is a very civilized religion, very go’d von’, too.  Ve vill let ye keep yer stopid barbarian religion, so long as ye pay taxes to Arzemheba and obey him!  Now go, barbarians!  I am done talking to ye!


Chapter 9: Lit Major Shoots Zombies

A new chapter of my fanfiction for The Secret World went up last night!  In Chapter 9 Templar agent Chris Warden will have to team up with Kaiyo Yako and Dan MacFadden of the rival secret societies to help save the survivors of zombie-ridden Kingsmouth, Maine.  In the process, she’ll be forced to face her fear of heights, and a terrifying all-consuming enemy literally from her nightmares!

This was a fun chapter to write, but it took a lot longer than I anticipated.  I feel like if I wanted to, I probably could have split it into two chapters if I wanted to.  That’s something I’ll have to keep in mind on future chapters.  The good news is that since being posted at 2am last night, the chapter has already gained 28 views and 2 positive reviews.  It seems I made the right choice in deciding to write a sequel for this story first.

My only regret, and something my business savvy friends have pointed out, is that I’m not able to make any money off of this work.  Hopefully it will pay off in a larger fan-base that can translate to my other works.  We’ll see.

Regarding those, Sword of the Lady is currently behind schedule as I enter a new round of world-building with it, in hopes of fleshing out the Ilevan’s as a unique people rather than a stereotypical bad guy race.  I’ve found some good resources for this and believe I can do it quickly, or at least get it done enough to work the improvements seemlessly into the final draft, which is currently in progress through chapter 1.

The original sci-fi referenced in my “Astrea Alexandra” posts is still deep in world-building.  Placing it in real, known space has necessitated mapping its star systems using actual stars, and figuring out what’s around all those stars is turning out to be time consuming.  It’s on the back burner, but I’m determined that it will someday see the light of day.

Thanks for reading!

Star Trek Online Origin-Story Fanfictions and Coming Attractions

I’ve completed two Star Trek Online stories and posted them to FanFiction.net.  Both of them serve as “origins stories” for my main Federation faction characters.

“The Best Revenge” introduces Carlin back before she became Carlin Drel (before she was joined).  As an Ensign fresh out of Starfleet Academy, Carlin seeks to prove herself worthy of the father who abandoned her and to humiliate him. But when a rescue mission goes horribly wrong, she is must face one of the most dangerous aliens in Starfleet history and decide whether or not her quest for revenge is worth it.

The story introduces several characters from or referenced in the story posted here, including Commander Antori Drel, Captain Sokar, Doctor Howard, and the USS Nautilus herself.  It also features Ferengi and Species 8472…I’ll leave you to decide for yourself which of them is the “most dangerous alien in Starfleet history!”  It’s set in May of 2405, four years before the events of the game.


“Airborne” introduces Carlin’s trouble-making friend, Sam Hayashi.  As a young Ensign aboard the USS Endurance, Sam’s mischievous ways threaten to end her career. But when an Orion agent exposes her and her shipmates to a dangerous virus that removes inhibitions, it’s up to Sam to contain the disease and bring them home alive.  It’s set in November of 2405.  You can tell because of the Stardates used in both stories, and this handy stardate calculator that was used to produce them.

Harking back to the Original Series and The Next Generation, this is the cumpulsory first-season “The Naked *something*” episode (one of the earliest episodes of both series was one involving the same inhibition-removing virus, the episodes were called “The Naked Time” and the “The Naked Now” respectively–and, as is the case with this story, no one was actually shown naked).  I suppose the writing reason for placing such a story so close to the beginning of a series is to introduce the character as you would normally only get to know them after quite some time, as they let their walls down (by, in essence, forcing their walls down faster), but this story really came to me as an Aesop responding to the modern notion that if one has a desire, one must (or should) act on it.  Honestly, once writing took over, I’m not sure the theme got through, but that was how it got started anyway.

The only recurring character I plan to take from this story is Sam herself.  Her character is an idea that occurred to me well after the writing of the original Vega Colony story.  She was actually first conceived as a supporting character for the upcoming Star Trek take on the 2013 Tomb Raider game.  In case you can’t figure it out, she’s Sam Nishimura, Lara Croft’s friend and the game’s official keeper of the distress ball.  That being said, she is not simply Sam Nishimura in the 25th century.  Since my plan was to make Sam more of an action girl in my Star-Trek-remake, Sam Hayashi appropriately has the talents and skills necessary to back up her daredevil attitude.  She shoots someone in this story (I won’t say who).  She is also an improbably good pilot who has only crashed one shuttle in her life, and that was on purpose (and if you read “Airborne,” you get to see her do it!)–which, considering how many Star Trek episodes revolve around shuttle crashes, that’s pretty amazing all by itself!  She owes part of these piloting skills to the other character who proceeded her, an Ensign Satori Hayashi who loved “ancient” (read, 21st century) Japanese culture and was exceptionally good with shuttles.

As for the remake, it’s currently in progress. I’m writing the second chapter as we speak, but it looks like it’ll shape up to be a pretty long story, so don’t hold your breath for it to come out.  It will be unveiled on FanFiction.net eventually, but you’ll probably suffocate first!

Speaking of stories on FanFiction.net, there’s also another author in the Star Trek Online section who writes a “Star Trek Justice” series.  He writes stories set in 2412, after most of the events of the game, while I write them set in or before 2409.  We’ve officially decided to start writing in a shared universe, allowing our us to reference each others characters from time to time or even do collaborative stories.  The first such crossover occurred in the latest chapter of his story “Justice: Vengeance,” where a “Captain Drel” of the “USS Wayfarer” is mentioned–as by 2412 this will be Carlin’s rank, name, and command.  Further crossovers should be forthcoming, even involving my non-Federation characters, which I haven’t written anything for yet except backstory.  Currently, we plan on making the rewrite of the Vega Colony story a collaborative story, since, in the game, there is a point where experienced players can go back in time to witness further events during the tutorial missions at Vega (the final chapter of the original story hinted at the time-travel).

While I’m very excited for all of this fan fiction stuff, I’m not losing sight of my existing projects.  The Sword of the Princess beta is still coming along.  The chapters should be finished soon, and I may be able to add in my maps.  Currently, I can only make a general map of Balanne (the kingdom the story is set in) available to readers, but I have hand-drawn maps for many of the towns, including Bath, Glen, Cleft, Armat, and Malca.  If I can get to a scanner in the next few weeks, I can probably make those available to readers as well, which will hopefully help…I mean, I like maps!

Completed Manuscript and Other Ventures

Well, if you’ve seen me on Facebook, you probably know that I completed my manuscript for The Sword of the Princess as of May 17.  If not I finished it!!!! Whoot!!!

The Sword of the Princess weighs in at 73 chapters and roughly 287,000 words.  It’s a large book, no question, but not nearly as large as the huge font and double spacing led me to believe (those combine to make it nearly 1,400 pages with an average chapter length of around 20 pages–but in regular font and single-spaced formatting that average length comes down to 9 pages and the total length comes down appreciably to an estimated 600 pages).  It’s the largest thing I’ve ever written and I’ve been working on it since sophomore year of college, so roughly four years?  I’m definitely relieved to have it finished.

The Sword of the Princess is  the first of a planned series of “Sword of” books.  Now that it’s done, the first four books of the series all have complete drafts.  Unfortunately, I wrote the last three of these books before realizing that The Sword of the Princess needed to be written and was the best place to start the series.  As a result of this and changes that happened during the process of writing this story, the other three sequels will require complete re-writes.  Those I will get to as soon as Sword of the Princess nears the end of its editing.

Now the question I keep getting asked is this: “Do you plan on publishing your book?”  The answer is a resounding yes!  However, I will not publish the book right away.  It still needs copyediting and at least some revisions.  In order to be able to look at it with fresh eyes, I’ll be setting it aside for some time.  During that time, though, I welcome input from any beta readers.  I’m preparing a beta version for release to anyone who’s interested in checking out the book and providing feedback.  Anyone who provides feedback will receive a free copy of the final book when it is published.  If you are interested in being a beta reader, please contact me!  Just type “I want to be a beta reader” (or something like that) into the contact form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible (and no, I will not share your information with third parties: I get enough spam myself to know how annoying that is).

And it is going to be published!  I’ve received various suggestions for courting traditional publishers, but my internship in one such publisher and my research into the industry in general leads me to think that self-publishing is a much better route.  The self-publishing process is faster, virtually risk free, and allows a writer to profit even off of very little sales.  With good promotion and good material, a self-published novel can do just as well as a traditionally published novel, and may even attract the attention and acquisition of a large publishing firm.  While I’m still weighing my options, my current leaning is toward either Lulu.com or Amazon.  Either way, the book will mainly be for ebook, but will also be available in print on request.

Of course, the book was completed nearly two months ago.  So what have I been up to since?  Well, the first answer is preparing the book for beta release by adding a glossary with hyperlinks to aid in navigation within the glossary, as well as finding the right entry quickly (I wanted it to be so that if you’d forgotten what character or setting a name went with, you could just click on a link and be brought to their entry in the glossary, which would give you a brief refresher).  Coding internal links took longer than I’d expected, but I’m pleased with the end result.

The second and third answers really deserve posts of their own…

Updates, Coming and Otherwise

Let’s get the painful part of this out of the way:

It is with great sorrow that I announce that my webcomic, Dragon Hunt, will be on hiatus until further notice.  I appreciate the patience and enthusiasm of all of you fans of the comic in waiting for me to update, but I have to be honest with you now and say that, for the foreseeable future, no update is coming.

It boils down to a technical issue.  Since the images for the comic are created using 3D software, I’m limited by the capability of the software and the hardware of the computer its installed on.  I’ve run into several problems with that respect.  First, as I’ve mentioned several times in the comic, I’ve run into delays due to some bug in the software itself.  That’s what this latest delay started out as.  I fixed the bug, but then ran into a much larger problem.  This latest page, which was to introduce a new character, required me to have, at a minimum, 3 characters in one shot (not counting extras).  Since I use high-resolution models for all of my main cast (including Bill, Lia, and the character I was going to introduce), this meant the software required a large amount of memory to process the shot–too much memory in fact.  After several repeated crashes I realized that my computer was simply not designed to handle that much imaging memory.  It just doesn’t have the hardware.  To complicate matters even further, the computer failed to start at all last week and is now over at Staples where the’ll see if they can even get it working again.

All of the data for Dragon Hunt is backed-up, fortunately, so assuming I can get the computer back up and running, I have a few options for restarting Dragon Hunt.

  1. Upgrade my computer’s hardware to include more memory (this would probably take ~$50 and may or may not fix the problem)
  2. Buy a computer actually designed to do graphics programs (this would cost ~$1,000 and would definitely work, but definitely be expensive!)
  3. Continue the comic by drawing freehand and scanning the images in (this would require me to buy a scanner eventually–I could borrow one from my folks in the short term–and would mean everyone would have to put up with slower production and lower-quality artwork)
  4. Continue the comic by drawing freehand using an electric artists’ pad (this would require me to buy one of those nifty electric drawing pads with the pen and all–which I have no idea how much those cost–and learn a totally different style of artwork.  Quality could be better, could be worse in comparison to freehand and scanning; production time would probably be less).
  5. I drop the art altogether and post my scripts for Dragon Hunt (this would be free and dramatically faster, but the change of medium would be pretty harsh and a script may be harder to follow).

Obviously I can’t do anything until I know if my computer’s gonna live or not, but let me know what your thoughts are.  I want to bring Dragon Hunt back somehow, but I’d like your input on whether it continues in its current form or takes a different form.

I do have some good news.  I’ve resumed work on Sword of the Princess and I’m setting up the climax now.  If anyone is interested in beta-reading the novel, let me know.  The work has been slowed a little by the death of my computer, but I’ve still got access to computers in general and everything I need is on my flashdrive.

I also have random news.  While I may or may not be forced to bid adieu to my tabletop RPG with my college friends (last I heard, they hadn’t made up their mind about the possibility of me Skyping in), I have started playing with some friends from work.  The system is a custom one called “Third Genesis” created by one of my coworkers.  The story is that in an alternate future man, created an immortality serum and went out among the stars and discovered a planet filled with adonium ore, a metal with magical properties.  They used genetic manipulation to create a race of human slaves to mine the adonium for them while they posed as the humans’ gods.  To complete the farce, they created races of “demons” from which the humans would need “divine” protection and races of “angels” to serve the gods and keep the demons in check.  Eventually, one of the so-called-gods named Seth developed a conscience and came clean with the human slaves–only to find that his fellow “gods” had already spread the word about him that he’d “fallen” and become an evil deceiver.  Nevertheless, Seth’s change of heart did manage to sway some of the humans and spark a rebellion.  Eventually, the “gods” were defeated and driven off.  The campaign we played was just something to keep them busy during the summer.  It took place shortly after Seth’s “fall” and everyone was playing characters loyal to the false gods, who were part of an army unit going through the jungles and villages looking for rebels.  Most everyone in the party was evil, and I’ve never known a party to cause so much chaos!  My character was named Casia Black and was designed for maximum creepiness.  She was the ghost of a little girl whose parents died in a mining accident.  Refusing to believe they were really gone, she turned to the practice of necromancy to find a way to bring them back.  She was loyal to the goddess of death, insane, extremely powerful, and prone to raising zombies wherever she went.  You can see a picture of her here.

I only managed to play two sessions, but in both I think I did well.  In the first, one of the party members turned out to secretly be a rebel and started trying to kill the party’s leader.  Another party member (the tank) jumped in and killed the rebel, but the rebel’s pet…robot managed to take down our beloved leader.  As an illustration of what a disfunctional group of villains we’d gathered into our party, none of the rest of our party seemed to care.  At last I figured that Casia would care, since she would reason that the goddess of death would not be very happy about her letting her leader die–and she needed the goddess’ patronage in order to continue her insane quest to bring back her parents.  Casia succeeded in reviving the party leader (not as a zombie–though it was seriously considered) and conked out the traitor-character’s robot (though, in all fairness, the tank had already beaten the stuffing out of it–Casia was just lucky enough to get the last hit by using her telekinesis to throw it into a tree).  In the other session, we raided a cave of “heretics” as part of the boss fight.  The boss himself was protected by an amulet that made him undefeatable.  He decoyed us with a copy of the amulet, which exploded in a burst of chaotic magic–causing all of our characters to switch bodies (and all of the players to switch character sheets).  I wound up playing the tank and wasn’t very good with it (an illusion of Casia’s parents showed up and she totally fell for it).  The party leader wound up stuck in Casia’s ghostly body.  “Why doesn’t anyone take me seriously anymore?!” he moaned at one point.  Because you’re in the body of a necromantic ghost child: her social stat is negative!  When the boss came, however, he did succeed in ripping the real amulet of invincibility off of him with telekinesis.  Casia then switched back and summoned a big, mean zombie-soldier to the boss’s face!  The fight was over very quickly after that, as our party’s sniper blasted the boss into oblivion.

I also played two one-shot campaigns with the same group and the same system.  In one I was an old, blind sniper…and did horribly–though not because of blindness (we allowed him to compensate with superb hearing).  I just built him way too squishy, that’s all.  He would get off one shot, then have something chewing on his face and go down in one round.  Fortunately, we had a good cleric in that party.  In the other one shot, we didn’t have any cleric.  My character there was totally made for jokes, based off of Koko from the manga Rosario+Vampire (not the anime–from what I hear the anime is lame), a little school girl with a short fuse and a ginormous mace.  She actually did better than the sniper.  We didn’t have any casters in our group, so she wound up forced into that role since she did know some magic and we immediately met an enemy that was immune to ginormous maces (it was a spell remnant).  She wasn’t designed for that and thus performed as well as one would expect at that roll.  But she did have a moment of awesome when we met a creepy monster that tried to ambush the party from the roof.  We’d lost sight of it, but we all knew it was on the roof and figured it was about to pounce on us.  Our resident explosive expert threw a bomb on the roof, but it rolled off.  The party’s troll (we had a cave troll) smashed the wall, but this had no effect.  I had my character wait around with a balista (yes, she considered a siege weapon to be a normal ranged weapon).  When the creature pounced, my character was ready and shot out of the air, killing it instantly.  We went on to have the troll suicide-bomb a boss who could have easily killed us all (well, it was almost-suicide: he teleported out at the last second–and then turned out to not be a troll at all, but that’s complicated).

The exciting news is that the group’s main campaign is restarting this week and I’ve been invited to join.  The party will be a group of people pressed into service aboard a god-loyal ship (ironically, commanded by the same character–Raphael–who led the interim party).  They mutinied and turned to piracy to survive.  My character is a sentient submarine designed by the rebels to raid god-loyal shipping.  She (ships are always female, don’t ask why ’cause there isn’t a reason) has an android disguise-form which (due to the prevalence of telepathy in the game) doesn’t know she’s a killer submarine.  She was rounded up with the rest of the crew in her android form and has been quietly working as mechanic’s mate ever since.  I wonder how long it will take the other characters to realize they can turn her into a submarine…hmm.  Should be interesting.  I have miniature figurines now for both forms, too, so that’s exciting!

The just plain random news is that I rediscovered Magic Knight Rayearth, the first manga I ever read and one of the best (I think From Far Away is the best, but Rayearth is pretty good too).  It was an entertaining read, even the second time around, though this time I noticed that Fuu (the archer character, who is supposedly very experienced with a bow) drew her bow incorrectly.  Once, she drew it to her chest, which would be fine for a point-blank shot but hard to aim otherwise.  The other time she drew it above her head and held the bow crooked–which would have resulted in a shot that was impossible to aim and wouldn’t have flown straight.  You’re supposed to draw to your cheek, so that you can sight right along the arrow, but I guess the artist thought that didn’t look as cool.  Umi (the fencer) was also using a rapier like a broadsword, but hey, it’s manga and ridiculous slashing leaps and spins look cooler than simple thrusts and parries.

And why is it that only Japanese schoolgirls are summoned to save magical worlds?  What’s wrong with schoolchildren from other nations–or adults for that matter?  Something irrelevant to consider seriously…until next time!

New Projects!

If you’re wondering about Dragon Hunt, unfortunately there is still going to be a delay.  I need a street crowd for this next page and I’m going to have to make them the hard way instead of just using flats (turns out it’s the flats that made the program crash this time.  Lovely).

Meanwhile, I have some exciting new things I’m working on!  Be distracted and amazed!

First, there’s my book, The Sword of the Princess.  It’s the story of a spirited princess whose kingdom is suddenly taken over by an evil empire.  She escapes with a band of knights and must somehow find a way to free king and kingdom.  The story has been on hiatus for a while now, but I am now ready to return for a final push to the end.  I am looking for beta readers for this, so if you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Second, I have entered the world of fan-fiction officially.  I have a profile on fan fiction.net where I’m called “Space Viking.”  I also have a fan fiction of the MMORTS game Astro Empires to put up there…once they have a category for it.  It will be exciting if they ever get around to answering my request to make one.

Third, I am learning Javascript and have figured out how to make a sort of adventure game out of it.  The game allows you to make binary choices throughout (left/right, attack/run, accept/reject, etc), but also includes a random factor to determine the results.  I’ll need some graphics, but I’m going to try and put together an adventure game and post it somewhere.  Maybe on Deviant Art.  We’ll see what works.

Fourth, and least practicably, I have an idea knocking around in the back of my brain about a series of stories involving Saint Barbara’s Catholic School for Girls.  Outwardly, it would be a typical catholic school, if being somewhat remote and having rather gothic architecture.  A tomboyish girl raised by her dad at their mountain cabin would be taken there after her father died, and she’d hate it at first.  Then, she’d be maneuvered into joining something called the Safety Committee.  As it turns out, the Safety Committee is not about making sure the building had enough emergency exits in case of a fire.  The Safety Committee at Saint Barbara’s is about protecting the school and surrounding area from monster attacks, and is made up of a collection of the school’s most dangerous gun-toting girls.  The whole thing, I think, really exists as an excuse to see a girl in a catholic school uniform blast some bug-eyed monster with a machine gun.  I’m not sure what the best medium for this sort of story would be.  Obviously, it would have to be episodic.  A visual medium (like a comic) would be a plus, but it would also obviously take time to put together…  Thoughts?