Hey, reader!  Let’s face it, there are a lot of creative projects I’m working on.  There may be some that you care about and others…not so much.  And then there’s the ones that I blog about…infrequently.  I’d like to keep you up to date on everything that’s going on with all my different projects, even with just a quick note, and you’d like to be able to see the status of the one’s that interest you.  I made this page for both of us.

Below you’ll find weekly updates on all of my various, current pet projects, and links to follow if you want to check out more!

Last Updated: Friday, April 3, 2015

Sword of the Princess

  • Type: Original epic fantasy novel, first of a series
  • Teaser: When the evil Ilevan Empire suddenly conquers the kingdom of Balanne, crown Princess Nicole Arrow escapes with a small band of loyal followers and must work with them to unite Balanne and overthrow the Empire while avoiding capture or detection.
  • Current Status: Active
  • Stage: Writing Final Draft for Createspace (print edition)
  • Progress: Chapter 15 of 75 (20% complete)
  • This Week’s Progress: Partial draft of chapter 16
  • Notes: I’ve begun writing the new scene for chapter 16.  I’m about halfway through and have an outline for the remainder
  • Projected Completion: Final Draft, May 18, 2015; Print Edition release, mid-June 2015; Kindle Edition release, mid-June 2015.

Lit Major Shoots Zombies

  • Type: Modern-day fantasy/horror series, second story, fan-fiction based on “The Secret World”
  • Teaser: Christen Warden was an ordinary American English lit major studying abroad in London when she suddenly developed supernatural powers.  With the help of the Templars, she was able to learn to control her powers, but their help has a price.  Now it’s time for her to repay them, by investigating a small-town island off the coast of Maine currently in the grips of a local zombie apocalypse.  But Chris isn’t the only one headed to Solomon Island.  She must work together with agents from rival organizations in order to find the source of the zombie threat.
  • Current Status: Active
  • Stage: Writing and Publishing One Chapter at a Time
  • Progress: Chapter 14 of 38(?) (37% complete—estimate)
  • This Week’s Progress: Chapter 14 posted, begun work on Chapter 15.
  • Notes: This next chapter may take a little while.  I’ll need to reference a lot of dialogue to pull together a chapter that wraps up the action of the previous two-parter and sets up, honestly, much of the rest of the story.
  • Projected Completion: September 2015?

Becoming Klingon

  • Type: Space opera story, part of a series, but capable of being read as stand-alone, fan-fiction based on “Star Trek Online” and the Star Trek universe as a whole.
  • Teaser: Human-Orion hybrid Nita d’Blae is no stranger to hardship.  Orphaned as a little girl, she was rescued and raised by Klingons aboard the IKS Ki’tang.  Now as she comes of age she must face her greatest challenge yet: earning acceptance in a society that sees her as a weakling and a slave.
  • Current Status: Active
  • Stage: Writing First Draft for Private Review
  • Progress: Chapter 6 of 16(?) (37%—estimate)
  • This Week’s Progress: None
  • Notes: This project has gone through three re-writes.  I think I’ve got it this time, but I want to get to the end of the story and see it all work together to be sure.
  • Projected Completion: Unknown

Dragon Hunt

  • Type: Fantasy web comic
  • Teaser: When a dragon kidnaps the queen, the king promises the princess’ hand in marriage to the knight who slays the dragon and rescues his queen.  But when Princess Lia hears what the king has promised, she teams up with a talking unicorn and sets out to slay the dragon first.
  • Current Status: On hiatus
  • Stage: Evaluating story for new medium (visual/kinetic novel)
  • Progress: no current progress
  • Notes: I seriously and earnestly think that the way to bring back “Dragon Hunt” is to convert it to a visual novel format, specifically a kinetic novel series (visual novels with no player choices).  I’ve downloaded visual novel software (Ren’Py) and played around with it enough to achieve basic familiarity.  What’s needed at this point is to try re-writing the script, starting at the prologue, to see how the comic can be transitioned into a kinetic novel.
  • Projected Completion: Unknown

School’s Out for Zombies

  • Type: modern horror video game
  • Teaser: When the zombie apocalypse breaks out, Azura’s family sends her to St. Barbara’s Boarding School for Girls to keep her safe.  But when the zombies attack the school grounds it’s up to Azura and her friends to find a way to escape them and save the school.
  • Current Status: Inactive
  • Stage: Minimum Deliverable Product game created, evaluating need for story completion
  • Progress: no current progress
  • Notes: “School’s Out for Zombies” was mostly a test-bed for a game mechanic that would allow players to control the movement of a character to secure objectives and avoid enemies in the Ren’Py visual novel engine.  The test has been successful.  I don’t know if there’s enough interest to justify creating a full game, however.  I’ve tried creating a releasable version, but I’ll apparently need to rename the files before I can do that.
  • Projected Completion: Unknown

Original Science Fiction (Astrea Alexandra story)—Untitled

  • Type: Original semi-hard science fiction series based in part on Arthurian legend
  • Teaser: None available
  • Current Status: Active
  • Stage: World-building
  • Progress: Revamped interstellar map system, created basic map and outline of human space, Commonwealth history, and Imperial history through the Centauri War and the Marshall’s rise to power.  Saving reusable portions of old map system.
  • This Week’s Progress: None
  • Notes: The big barrier to progress here was that I was trying to create a map of all known stars (with complete star systems for each) within 100 lightyears of Earth.  It was just too much and the scale was dwarfed by the scope of the story I wanted to tell (which is kicked off by a supernova event 150 lightyears away).  Someone online had the idea of breaking a large map into smaller sectors.  By dividing the area I wanted my story to take place in down into 33 40×40 lightyear cubes, I was able to make the overall map big enough for the story and yet I should be able to work it in bite-sized chunks.  My first step is to save the information I want to keep about the Sol and Alpha Centauri systems to a Excel spreadsheet.  Then I can recreate those sectors and map out the Terran Empire’s zone of influence from there.  This should allow me to get back to writing my “world’s” history fairly quickly, so I know where things stand when the story starts.
  • Projected Completion: Unknown

Mass Effect Allison—Untitled

  • Type: Space-Opera, Fan fiction of “Mass Effect”
  • Teaser: Allison Shepard was enjoying her sixteenth birthday on Mindoir when Batarian slavers attacked the colony and her family was brutally killed.  Enlisting in military as a biotic, Shepard vows to get revenge at any cost.  But what happens when she finds out that price is too high?
  • Current Status: On Haitus
  • Stage: writing first draft for private review
  • Progress: chapter 1 of 10? completed (10%—estimate)
  • This Week’s Progress: None
  • Notes: This is one of two Shepards I’m considering for a future Mass Effect fan fiction covering the series.  While the other Shepard has a better defined character, the events this Shepard goes through have been rattling around in my skull for ages, waiting for a story to emerge into.  This will probably still happen, but the other Shepard has me distracted right now.
  • Projected Completion: Unknown

Mass Effect Faith—Untitled

  • Type: Space-Opera, Fan Fiction of “Mass Effect”
  • Teaser: Faith was a runner for the Tenth Street Reds, a gang on Earth, using her biotics to stay one step ahead of the law.  But when a job goes bad and her gang abandons her, she questions everything she’s believed in.  Can a gang runner from Earth really become a hero in the Alliance military?
  • Current Status: Active
  • Progress: Determining Appropriate POV
  • Notes: I love this Shepard’s character, and I’m experimenting with several different points of view through which to tell her story, including one very odd POV which is basically a protagonist monologue, as if she were literally just telling someone her life story.  So far this one seems to convey the character’s voice very well, but does not necessarily seem to be the best way of telling the story.  I’m thinking of falling back on more traditional points of view.
  • Projected Completion: Unknown

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